Works (Selection)

Liang Yuanwei


Mar 21, 2013 – May 18, 2013


Beijing Commune is proud to announce the newest solo exhibition from artist Liang Yuanwei, entitled “Pomegranate.” This exhibition is the artist’s second solo show at Beijing Commune, following her 2010 exhibition “Golden Notes.” The show centers on subjectivity’s control and loss of control over nature, emotional rationality and perception, and the processional unfolding of experience and result. As the artist notes, “I currently value the impermanence of life. I have begun to truly understand that which transcends my small self, drifting towards things that lie outside of ‘intent.’”


The exhibition comprises a series of artworks entitled Pomegranate painted with dozens of shades of red lipstick, producing a series of color analyses. As an artist of chance opportunity, Liang uses lipstick as medium for her practice. She employs creased white paper to display and discover various irregular changes in shadow that appear on the surface of the paper. The artist then applies different shades of lipstick to the shaded regions, achieving a two-dimensional expression from a three-dimensional cluster of paper, thereby advancing her practice.


On the left-hand wall of Beijing Commune’s main gallery is the artist’s series of 35 works entitled Pomegranate, made from 2011 to 2013. With time, colors and the relationships between them in older Pomegranate pieces have undergone many minute changes, producing a new group of hues. Later Pomegranate works, meanwhile, display an exceptionally vivid set of colors and light effects. The mutable nature of Pomegranate depicts a material record of time and an objective exposition of natural changes. According to the artist, “After setting them out for a year, old layers of pigment become richer, their coloration more harmonious and the brushwork more prominent. The image acquires a certain stability, revealing new potentials. They are not merely translations from three to two dimensions; they also display other, more lively things.” On the right-hand side of the gallery are the artist’s series of paintings entitled Meaning. For these works, the artist uses aluminum foil against colored backgrounds as her medium to undertake a series of analyses of how light, hue, and luster impact an object’s natural color.


The gallery also contains 120 different blocks of color selected from the Pomegranate series. There appears some internal connection between these similarly colored blocks, with a state of harmony emerging from their casually and arbitrarily chosen hues. Also exhibited are two larger-scale works which also explore color contrasts. These two groups of color blocks were chosen at will from 120 different pigments by the artist’s friends. The motivation was to extract a certain casual harmony and magnify it.  In this exhibition, Liang Yuanwei uses the Pomegranate series as a theme to analyze control and loss of control, rationality and perception, and experience and result.

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